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Il Palazzone Rosso Del Palazzone

Il Palazzone Rosso Del Palazzone
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/ 750ml
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Il Palazzone wines are amazingly elegant and complex and there’s really nothing else that tastes like them in Montalcino. The estate is unique in that it has three separate vineyards in quite different areas of Montalcino. The microclimate and extraordinary variety of terroirs allow them to produce wines of unmatched complexity.

Il Palazzone also maintains incredibly high standards for selection and blending. Occasionally, they choose not to include a barrel of wine from one vineyard or the other in order to maintain a perfect balance in our Brunello. This wine, potential Brunello, is set aside to make Rosso del Palazzone. This versatile wine is an excellent wine “a tutto pasto” (suited to all courses), in particular vegetable soups, cheeses, and white and red meats. This is 100% declassified Brunello and offers a remarkable price to quality ratio.

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