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Traci Lee
January 10, 2011 | France, Red Wine, Washed Rind Cheese | Traci Lee

Let's Go Buffalo

I attended my first Buffalo Bills game in November and since that very cold Sunday, the refrain of "Let's go Buffalo" excessively repeats in my mind nearly every time I see the word "buffalo".  The last place I thought the song would return would be standing in front of a cheese counter...

A few days ago, while at Murray's Cheese in NYC, my cheese shopping was interrupted by the jingle, but this time, I embraced the inspiration and picked up a 1/2 lb of Quadrello di Bufala.  Composed of buffalo milk, which is rich and flavorful with a high fat-content, this cheese is produced in the Lombardia Region of Italy and similar to the classic Taleggio recipe, but sweeter, creamier and a little stinkier.  

After tasting the cheese, I knew I needed a wine that carefully stood up to the powerful flavor, but would not crush the creamy, salty and soft essence of the Bufala.  The answer had me singing Let's Go Buffalo* through many tastes of 2009 Terres Dorees Jean Paul Brun FleurieThis fantastic red wine comes from Southern Beaujolais, in the Burgundy Region of France, and is made from Gamay grapes.  The fruit comes entirely from Fleurie, one of the Cru Beaujolais Villages, and hails from a great vintage in the region. 

The elegance of this wine paired perfectly with the washed rind style cheese, and displays a balanced marriage of fruit and spice.  I would use this cheese in an expressive mac & cheese dish, to serve with this wine on a cold, winter evening.  Delic!

*Friends and family, don't worry, I have been singing the Steeler's tune all weekend.


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