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Traci Lee
January 4, 2011 | Bloomy Cheese, Italy, Prosecco | Traci Lee

Indulgent Prosecco pairing

Happy New Year! I put a lot of thought into the first cheese and wine pairing of the year by considering what I wanted from the duo before making my selection – an indulgent crowd-pleasing pair, which could be enjoyable any time of day.

After the wonderful task of tasting a few combinations, the first pairing of 2011 is Bisol Prosecco Di Valdobbiadene Brut Desiderio Jeio and La Tur. Both Italian favorites, this sparking wine, from the Veneto region, offers a fresh lemon tang that pairs deliciously with the 3-milk cheese. Produced in Piedmont, La Tur is a combination of cow, goat and sheep milk which is shaped into cupcake sized rounds and aged a few weeks to develop a cloud-like, bloomy rind that encloses the buttery, creamy middle. If you love ice cream, you will love this cheese!

The Prosecco has the perfect amount of fizz to compliment the rich creaminess of the cheese, without cutting too deeply through its decadent flavor. A perfect party-starter, this pair would be just as successful at brunch as it would an evening celebration. Serve along side a crusty baguette and mission figs. Cheers!


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