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Lindsay Wicka
August 1, 2013 | Italy, Red Wine | Lindsay Wicka

Alois Lageder and his musical vineyards

As I’ve expressed before, my love of Italian food culture led me to my love of Italian wine. I was very fortunate while work for, in my opinion, one of the best NYC restaurant groups focusing around Italian food and wine. I was constantly learning, in pure bliss and in awe of everything new I tasted. I am always asked, “What is your favorite part of Italy?”. Without hesitation, my response has always been and is northeastern Italy. An area that I feel like I could spend the rest of my life learning about, and drinking wine from and still not get to the end of it’s offerings. 

One of the regions in this part of Italy is Alto-Adige, where the cool air of the Alps and the warmth of the sun near the Mediterranean create the ideal climate.  This region also possesses an enormous wealth of heterogeneous sites, soils, exposures and microclimates.

Here you’ll find Alois Lageder. A 5th generation wine making family holding true to their traditions, while also engaging the community of arts and music into what they stand for. A very unique aspect which you don’t normally see…and it show’s in their wines too. Ever hear the study about how playing music to plants had a significant positive effect on the plants growth and health?  Well I was told that Alois Lageder plays music in his vineyards…maybe that’s part of the reason why his wines are so awesome. But I conclude that it also has to do with their steadfast belief in Biodynamics.

“For the creation of extraordinary wines, one also needs something more than healthy, fully-ripened grapes from the best vineyard sites. There is also a need for the right philosophy and for true human commitment. One of our primary goals is to pay attention to the natural properties of our vineyards and to make the best possible use of them. Every location has its own particular merits and characteristics; for every variety of grape, there are particular conditions in which it prefers to grow. We see it as our task to create ideal synergies, supporting nature’s work, thereby taking on the role of “midwives” who facilitate the birth of wines of great elegance, clarity, body, strength, and authenticity.” –Alois Lageder

We are excited to share one of his wines with you! 2009 Tenutae Lageder Lagrein Merlot Beta Delta is an exciting blend of Lagrein, a grape native to the Trentino-Alto Adige region and Merlot. An absolutely lovely wine with a medium+ body, aromas of red/black berries paired with floral, minerals and black pepper. At only $15.99 a bottle, this is an absolute steal.  Pick up a bottle or two of this today, and experience Alto-Adige like you never have before


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