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Traci Lee
February 22, 2011 | France, Hard Cheese | Traci Lee

A Favorite Pairing

Domaine Constant Duquesnoy Vinsobres is from a leading producer in the Cote-de-Rhone village of Vinsobres and offers a beautiful pepper and violet aroma as soon as the bottle is opened.  This domain was established in 2004 by a Belgian businessman who had long dreamed of becoming a winemaker and was granted appellation status in 2005. This wine is made from 75% Grenache and 25% Syrah and offers a much higher quality that its price tag would suggest.

I typically enjoy a deep, dark wine such as this with full-bodied dishes, such as chili or stew, but find that they are often difficult to pair with an artisanal cheese because the weight and texture dominates the flavor.  However, when this generalization is proved wrong, it tastes just right! 

Roomano, a cow's milk cheese from Holland displays similar characteristics to an aged Gouda, but contains less butterfat than Gouda's required 48%, making it sharp and crunchy.  Distinctly salty with flavors of butterscotch, carmel and toffee, this cheese is perfect for grating over a crisp salad, shredded over chili, or sprinkled on popcorn!  I can't think of another cheese that literally pairs with everything, and is the perfect snacking cheese.       

Paired together, a distinct contrast of spice, sweetness and salt balance on the palate, with a strong intensity and great finish, creating one of my favorite pairings to date.


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