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Sell Your Wine with City Wine Merchant

No matter the size or depth of your collection, our acquisitions professionals will work with you through each step of the process to make sure that the experience is as easy as possible. Below is a basic outline of the selling process, however we realize that each situation is unique so please do not hesitate to contact our acquisitions team with specific questions. Email us at or call 888.588.4945

1. Make A List

Create a list of all of the wine you are interested in selling. An Excel spreadsheet works best, however we can work with any format that you send. To give an appraisal of your collection, we will need the following basic information for each wine that you would like to sell:

If you do not have an inventory list already prepared, we have an Excel template that can help to get you started. For smaller collections you can use this simple form.

**Please keep in mind that bottle conditions do affect the price that we are able to pay, so diligence here will result in a more accurate quote. Click here to learn more about what conditions we consider when appraising your wine collection.


2. Submit Your Collection for Appraisal

E-mail your list to, or call us at 888.588.4945. E-mail submissions will be acknowledged by one of our acquisitions professionals within 24 hours. Once your list is received, you can expect to receive an offer to buy your collection within 2 to 3 days.

3. Packing & Shipping Your Collection

We can handle all of the door-to-door logistics, including on-site inventory for large collections and arranging transportation. We use our contacts in the industry to provide the most efficient and reliable shipping solution for your wine collection. If you live in WNY our cellar team can pick-up your large collection at no charge.

4. Bottle Inspection & Payment

Once your collection has arrived, our cellar team will inspect each bottle by hand to confirm identity and condition. After inspection, our acquisitions team will send a final quote and any payment terms agreed upon in the sales contract will begin at that time. 


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